Not just a performance box.

Dragy's innovative App redefines the way you measure the time.

Discuss your results with other drivers and compete in the leaderboards. Or just superimpose performance data over your phone camera?

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Share your Clips.

Record a video and overlap the performance data of your vehicle at the same time. This way your friends can visually participate in your measurement.

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  • Accuracy

    Dragy is just as accurate as comparable high-end GPS boxes. Dragy uses high-performance GPS and GLONASS to accurately measure your vehicle's performance within 1/100th of a second.

  • 10 Hours

    A permanent power supply is not required. Dragy has a built-in battery that lasts up to ten hours.

  • Compact

    Measuring just 25.4mm x 76.2mm, you can store and take Dragy with you wherever you go. Why don't you just put it in your glove compartment when you don't need it? 


Dragy Functions

Monitor your 0-60mph, 60-130mph, 100-200kmh, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile performance, and more! 

Dragy uses high speed GPS satellites to accurately measure your vehicles performance within 1/100th of a second on any make of cars. Producing identical results to the much more expensive and cumbersome VBOX system, in a less expensive and easier to use package. The Dragy software automatically charts slope on all timeslips which you can then post to forums or social media, share with friends, or even upload to the Dragy leader board. The Dragy box is extremely compact at 1" x 3" and can be set on the dash when testing and throw in the glove box or center console when not in use. BMS

In addition there are many advanced features under development including superimposing performance data over your mobile camera, virtual races with friends, an internal feed for photos and performance discussion, and more to come. Runs are saved in both metric and SAE formats, allowing comparisons of 100-200kmh and all metric equivalents. You can also define your own performance windows for measuring both trap speeds and/or elapsed times, time to brake performance such as 100-0, and much more. The system can be run simultaneously with JB4 Mobile and other bluetooth apps. Requires the Dragy app which is published free of charge for both iOS and Android.

Can i become a Distributor?

Of course you can! Just contact us via email ( and we are going to send you a quoting asap! 

Do i need to plug it in via OBD?

No. The device works completely independently and you only need a smartphone with Bluetooth to control the device.

Which operating systems work with the Dragy App?

Dragy currently works with all Android (4.4+) and iOS (8.0+) devices.

Will the app be updated in the future?

Yes, we are always working on adding new features to our Dragy app. We have many new things in the pipeline for you! 

What about the warranty?

All our Dragy customers receive a legally regulated warranty from us. Should there be anything with Dragy in the first two years, we can offer repair options.

Of course we will gladly take the device back within the first 14 days.